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Increasing Paddy Yields with Simplified Technology

Sitt Heng Sdn Bhd (SHSB) was established in 2005. This company specialises in the production of premium quality paddy seedlings and seedling transplantations for paddy farmers in Malaysia. Our operations are located on an area of 3.6ha of paddy plantation land at Pt. Hj. Tahir, Kuala Kurau, Kerian, Perak, Malaysia.

SHSB has always been a forward thinking and proactive company, therefore we have invested substantial resources in research and innovative technology to continually improve and provide excellent quality seedlings. Our mechanised paddy transplanting machine is guaranteed to simplify the transplanting process and raise paddy yield, helping to gradually increase farmers’ income. This method also reduces paddy infestation and makes it easier to control weeds.

Having a proven track record of delivering high quality seedlings and providing technology that significantly increases paddy yields through innovative transplanting methods, SHSB has an extensive portfolio of projects, including supplying of superior quality paddy seedlings to the Malaysian government’s agricultural agencies as well as local farmers.



To become the preferred partner in revolutionising paddy farming and improve the standard of living for the local farming community as well as increase food security in Malaysia.


  • Improve farmers’ standard of living through providing the technology to increase rice productivity and quality of seeds.
  • Achieve long-term mechanical planting system sustainability.
  • Increase rural youths’ employment opportunities through providing training and development on raising premium quality seedlings and mechanical transplanting.

Mini Transplanter

  • Lower Fuel Costs
  • Weight of transplanter: 170 kg
  • Easy to repair
  • Low planting cost
  • Low embedded risk
  • Low spare parts cost
  • Quality planting machine
  • Easy to use in wet land

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Paddy Nursery

  • Seedling nursery production capacity of 80,000 pieces of paddy with a lap tray seedling production rate of 2,500 pieces per hour.
  • Quality management of paddy seedlings
    Healthy son of plant, strong root growth and solid, "missing points" lack even transplanter speeding operations.

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