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Growth of Paddy Nursery (Young Paddy) require several weeks. Please make reservations two weeks in advance to avoid disappointment.

Paddy Nursery

Nurturing Premium Quality Seedlings

With our technology expertise and experience, efficient seedlings nursery management system, comprehensive infrastructure and excellent teamwork, we are committed to produce the highest quality paddy seedlings for our farmers.

  • Maximised Nursery Production Capacity
    80,000 paddy seedlings are planted in round trays at a production rate of 2,500 seedlings per hour, maintaining seedling damage of less than 1% each time. Paddy planting cost is also minimised as with our paddy seeds, you only need 75 seedlings per tray per acre with 20cm x 30cm planting distance.
  • Efficient Nursery Management
    Healthy and hardy seedlings that are strong with dense root systems and can withstand the long journeys to their new homes are carefully nurtured in our nurseries. Seedlings are monitored round the clock against diseases, pests and weeds using environment friendly methods.
  • Quality Seedlings to Minimise “Missing Points”
    SHSB nursery’s high quality seedling is strong enough to match the high speed transplanting process, thus eliminating or minimising the missing points during high speed transplanting operations.
  • Nursery Care
    Close monitoring of nursery against diseases and pests, using environmental friendly control methods.
  • Seedlings quality durability
    Seedlings are not damaged even though being sent to a remote place which takes a long time to reach.
  • Minimal seedling damage
    Seedling damage is less than 1%.

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